Who We Are.

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Consolidated Personnel Services is one of the oldest, largest and most stable Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) in Arizona and the Southwest.

  • Privately owned by Jerry Persson - established & headquartered in Phoenix since 1993
  • Our Management Team:
    Yulonda Michaels - Chief Operating Officer, Benefits Administrator;
    Cheryl Lassen - Payroll Manager;
    Barbara SweetDugan - Claims Manager;
    Anne Doncaster - Workers' Compensation Policy Services,
    Dawn Hove - Sales Service Manager,
    Debborah McQueen - Controller,
  • Currently servicing 700+ businesses and 20,000+ employees, with a majority based in Arizona, but also businesses and employees based in Colorado, Nevada, Utah, California, New Mexico, Texas and several other states.
  • Voluntarily retains independent CPA firm to verify that payroll tax liabilities are paid in accordance with Federal and State statutes.
  • Long term relationships with service providers demonstrates a history of stability and credibility in sustaining business relationships and minimizing change for our clients
  • 401K plan and plan manager since 1996, AFLAC representative since 1996, labor and medical attorneys, corporate CPA firm since 1996 and the same independent auditor (audit statements) since 1998.
  • Our internal employee turnover has been minimal since our inception in 1993. Most clients with us for 10+ years, have had the same payroll processor from day one. This has resulted in a very comfortable and secure environment for our clients allowing us to maintain a consistent level of superior service.
  • Bilingual employee applications, forms, benefit packets and materials, as well as bilingual employees in every department. Regardless of your business, or employee, Consolidated Personnel Services is a very comfortable, non threatening place for your employees to call to get questions answered or issues resolved, in English or Spanish.
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