Online Access.

About Online Access

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Client Access
Client self-service with payroll entry and project tracking is made simple for employers by using our on-line system that fully integrates with our payroll software.

  • All employee information listed below
  • HR & payroll reports
  • Electronically transmit payroll timesheets from anywhere 24/7
  • Customize your supervisors levels of access -- including payroll entry
  • Update employee & wage data

We've also compiled a collection of the most useful HR resources all in one site!

  • All of Our Payroll Forms
  • State and Federal Government Payroll Forms
  • HR Forms
  • Risk Management Resources
  • OSHA Training Videos (order them free on CD)
  • Workers Compensation Insurance Resources

Employee Access
Employees have access to their own HR and payroll data through this web-based self-service technology.

  • Payroll YTD information
  • Tax settings
  • Current and past check stubs
  • Current and past W-2's
  • Benefits status
  • Paid leave status
  • Work profile data
  • Direct deposit details