Claims Management.

Claims Management

Claims Management

Business owners often don't realize how much a particular claim costs or how a seemingly less severe/minor claim becomes a very costly one until its too late and their premiums have gone up.

At Consolidated Personnel Services, our dedicated Claims Manager, Barbara SweetDugan, brings over 33 years of experience managing claims. This benefits our clients and their employees by not only ensuring that the claim costs are relative to the claim, but also that employees are getting the proper treatment so they can get healthy and back working as soon as possible. As one of our clients, once you report a claim to our claims department, here is what happens:

  • We gather information, determine any questionable issues and promptly report the injury to the carrier.
  • We contact the medical provider for treatment information and work status to determine the nature and extent of the injury and to determine if referral to a specialist is required.
  • We advise the client when the employee has been released for modified duty, determine from the client if modified duty is available and communicate that information to the adjuster
  • If the claim involves lost time from work, we promptly provide the adjuster with pre-injury wage information to establish the Average Minimum Wage (AMW) and pay wage compensation
  • We monitor all claims to conclusion and we make suggestions to the adjuster to proactively manage the claim.

Barbara's prior experience actually handling claims, and her extensive knowledge of the Arizona workers' compensation law, is an asset most employers cannot afford.

Ask our clients and they will tell you that when it comes to managing their claims and protecting their E-mod and their premiums, Barbara and her team (both assistants are bilingual) are second to none.

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