Worker's Compensation.

Workers' Compensation Policy Services

Workers Compensation

Most business owners will generally agree that the most confusing, frustrating, and often costly area of workers' compensation, has to do with the policy administration. These issues are extremely labor intensive, and few small businesses have the employee resources or time (or patience) to dedicate to these issues. Fortunately for our clients, we do.

  • Increased limits on your workers' compensation coverage
  • Adding/deleting/changing a workers' compensation code on your policy as needed
  • Administering SCIP/OCIP (Owner Controlled Insurance Projects) so that you don't pay unnecessary workers' compensation premium for a project that the owner is already covering your employees on
  • Classification code audits

General service and maintenance of your workers' compensation policy, including a sense of urgency in working with the carrier to handle specific needs or issues on a timely basis - a huge complaint of many business owners (and our clients).

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