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Payroll Administration

Flexibility, accessibility, customization and a sense of urgency are what our clients value most
about how we handle their payroll needs.
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While benefits and other services bring a lot of value to your business, handling your payroll week in and week out is what a PEO is ultimately judged by. With Cheryl Lassen, our payroll manager, your business and employees will benefit from her 20 plus years of experience in the payroll arena. Here’s a look at some of the things we can do.

Process payroll, file & report state & federal employee taxes and issue year end W-2s.
Employee online access to their W-2s, pay stubs, tax information.
Assistance with SCIP/OCIP (owner controlled) projects and reports.
Handle all state unemployment claims and administration.
Direct deposit for your employees – no additional cost.
Handle child support, garnishments, court ordered health, state & federal tax levies.
Job costing reports, certified payrolls and other custom reports to meet your needs.
New hire reporting to the state.
Online Access for payroll reporting and employee data.
Wage verification for lenders, DES, Social Security.
Vacation, sick time and PTO accruals, tracked on employee’s checks.
We have been very pleased with Consolidated Personnel Services, Inc. over the 20 years they have provided Payroll services for our company.

In addition to being very reliable with timely, accurate deliveries and providing updates on new laws, being able to have our Worker’s Compensation through them makes my life so much easier by freeing up my time to better serve our customers. Their staff is very efficient and professional.  Thank you. Barbara

Energy & Insulation

Payroll Processing & Tax Administration

With every payroll you receive (paper, via e-mail or web, or both) an invoice, payroll journal and a cost accounting report that is broken out by employee (by job if job costed or by department/location if departmentalized), that details exactly what you were being charged for taxes, workers’ compensation, benefit contributions/deductions, and our service fee. No Surprises from Consolidated Personnel Services. We do not bundle our rates like other PEO’s, so you always know exactly what you are paying for our service.

We also offer six options for transmitting payroll to meet your specific needs

Custom interface for importing/exporting information
to meet specific client needs


Upload data from a time clock system

(specific vendor software or customized by us)

Emailing it in


Customized methods

(case-by-case basis)

Using our convenient 24/7
online option to send it in


Faxing it in


Simplify your business